Private sector says will continue to insist on adherence to constitution

-sees mischief in release of internal correspondence

The Private Sector Commission (PSC) today said it will continue to call a spade a spade and insist on adherence to the constitution and observance of good governance.

The PSC statement follows the release of internal correspondence where one of its members criticised the organisation’s stance on the passage of the motion of no confidence against the government on December 21, 2018.

On February 4th, the PSC had issued a statement in which it voiced concern over public statements by APNU+AFC administration representatives which it said denied the express ruling of acting Chief Justice Roxane George-Wiltshire to uphold the no-confidence motion passed against government.

In the February 4th press statement, the PSC also took aim at government and its representatives for claiming that “until the matter is concluded at the highest court of appeal the status quo remains and the business of government continues as usual.”

A letter by PSC member Kit Nascimento reinforcing the PSC’s position was subsequently published in the Stabroek News.

This PSC statement and the Nascimento letter generated opposition from one member who was not named in today’s PSC press release. This internal PSC correspondence was published in sections of the press last week and named the writer as Komal Singh.

The PSC today noted the disclosure in the media of the internal correspondence of the Commission with what it said was the obvious intention of causing public mischief.

The statement said:

“The Council of the Private Sector Commission today met to consider this matter and unanimously agreed that it is the duty and responsibility of the Commission to represent, not only the interest of the business community, but the overall interest of the country and its people in addressing matters of public concern and importance without fear from or favour to any political party, whether in or out of government.

“The Private Sector Commission recognizes and will defend the democratic right of any of its individual members to express their views publicly, as they deem fit, on any matter of their choosing and will defend their right to do so.

“The history of the Private Sector Commission will record that the Commission has always spoken out in defence of democracy, as an advocate for the respect of the Constitution, for compliance with the rule of law and for the stability of our country. The Private Sector Commission will continue to do so.

“The Private Sector Commission will continue to speak openly, frankly and truthfully on any and all matters which impact upon the economic development, good governance and political stability of our country.

“The PSC will continue to call a spade a spade. As a national institution, the PSC must stand by the Constitution, law and order and good governance. The PSC’s status and values are derived from its responsibility to take the lead and not be distracted by persons or organisations that set out to achieve the opposite to our values.

“History must record that we stood for the correct principles of law and order and compliance with the Constitution. The PSC stands strong and united in its determination to continue advocating for the creation of a conducive and enabling business environment.

“The Private Sector Commission notes that one our members, Mr. Kit Nascimento, has been singled out and targeted for the views he expressed in a letter published in the media on 13th February, 2019, in defence of the Commission.

“The Commission fully endorses the facts laid out in Mr. Nascimento’s letter and that ‘the PSC’s mandate is to insist on adherence to the Constitution and the rule of law by all of the political parties'”.

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