GPHC says burn injuries didn’t cause newborn’s death

-family plans legal action

New Quavo Forde. A burn mark can be seen along his left arm

Although confirming that newborn Quavo Forde suffered burns when a heat bulb in his incubator exploded, the Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation (GPHC) yesterday denied that these injuries contributed to his subsequent death.

“They [family members] were… informed that the superficial burns sustained by Quavo were not life threatening and, as evidenced by the post mortem report, did not cause his death,” the hospital said in a statement issued yesterday to address “inaccurate and misleading articles” on the child’s death. The hospital also said that because of his premature birth, the infant suffered from respiratory challenges until his death on February 8th.

When contacted on the findings, the child’s paternal grandmother, Sharon Harding, told Sunday Stabroek that she believed that the GPHC was seeking to cover up malpractice. She further said the statement issued was riddled with inconsistencies and she vowed that legal action will be taken against the hospital to ensure the infant’s family gets justice…..

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