Mother still seeking answers on missing man’s fate

-after over a year and a half since appearance

Navindra Ramdeen

A Good Hope, East Coast Demerara woman is seeking closure after the mysterious disappearance of her son more than a year and a half ago.

Navindra Ramdeen, 29, called ‘Rocky,’ a father of two of Richardsville, Mon Repos, ECD was last seen alive by one his brothers on August 5th, 2017.

His mother, Limwattie Laljie, said that she last saw him when he visited her home on July 27th, 2017. During the visit, Laljie said Ramdeen appeared stressed and complained about problems with his wife.

“Me remember dah the last me see am and he nah been in ah good mood cause while he walk go out, he stop and he ah watch meh,” Laljie recalled.

She said after Ramdeen told her of his problems, she tried to counsel him. “…Me seh man wah yuh want and weh yuh gun lef and go? Yuh done gah two pickney and then watch yuh position in church. People guh point finger ’cause he [Ramdeen] does preach and he seh ‘Nah man, nah tek worries… me guh handle me problem,’” she further recalled…..

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