Greenidge urges Rupununi residents to be informed about implications of border controversy

Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge (right) and Minister of Public Infrastructure David Patterson (left) field questions during a meeting in Karaudarnau. (DPI photo)

During a recent visit to the South Rupununi, Minister of Foreign Affairs Carl Greenidge warned residents that should Venezuela gets its way in relation to its claims to parts of Guyana’s territory, most indigenous lands and all of Guyana’s maritime space would be handed over to that country.

According to the Department of Public Information (DPI), the minister emphasised that all Guyanese should try to be fully informed on the issue and understand the related implications.

“Venezuela is seeking ownership of these places and the resources in them,” highlights a brochure issued by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. “This means that the laws governing land titles and decisions about their allocation and ownership will be made in Venezuela.”….

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