Jagdeo refuses invitation to meet President

-claims fraud in communication to GECOM

Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo has refused an invitation to meet with President David Granger and accused the APNU+AFC government of perpetrating fraud. 

Speaking at a Press Conference at his Church Street office this afternoon, Jagdeo accused the President of sending one letter to the Guyana Election Commission  (GECOM) and releasing a different letter to the public. 

“I am not going to be showing up for a PR opportunity with the President while they act as if everything is normal”, Jagdeo stressed adding that the issues which the President wishes to discuss are clear in the constitution. 

The former President argued that the Ministry of the Presidency being unhappy with the original letter which “urged GECOM to begin preparing for elections” decided to alter its contents to request a consultation instead. 

Bharrat Jagdeo

For several minutes Jagdeo argued “this is a fraudulent act” even as reporters pointed out that there were two different letters with the second acknowledging the first. 

“It is altered,” he continued to argue as reporters questioned his reasoning. 

Let the people see the letter side by and side and decide, he demanded. 

Eventually he acknowledged that the contents of the letters were different and demanded instead that government clarify which letter accurately reflects its position.

Granger had invited Jagdeo to a meeting next Wednesday.

The PPP has argued that the government and GECOM have colluded to thwart the three-month timetable for general elections as mandated by the constitution upon the successful passage of a motion of no-confidence in parliament against the government.


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