RUSAL workers block bauxite barges along Berbice River

—as wage protests intensify

Barrels and other objects lined across the Berbice River, preventing bauxite-carrying barges from passing.

Thirteen days into industrial action at  the RUSAL-owned bauxite mining company, BCGI, disgruntled workers have blocked the Berbice River, preventing the company’s barges from transporting bauxite.

The workers, who began striking on February 15, following the imposition of a unilateral 1% increase in wages by the company, along with other unaddressed issues, including BCGI’s unwillingness to recognise the union as the workers’ bargaining agent, said the move is to signal to the company the need for urgency in finding a resolution.

The RUSAL-owned Bauxite Company of Guyana Inc. (BCGI), in the last few days, fired 90 workers following the initiation of strike action.  They had initially fired 60 workers but subsequently fired an additional 30 on Tuesday…..

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