Cops warn Industry bus operators after obstruction reported at city park

The UG\Industry bus park.

Some Route 44 (George-town to Industry) bus operators were taken into custody yesterday morning and warned after they were accused of trying to prevent other operators loading passengers at the Regent Street, Georgetown bus park.

The accusation came after some drivers who ply the route locked their buses in line at the park and left them there, thereby preventing other drivers getting in line to load their vehicles.

Vice-Chairperson of the United Minibus Union (UMU) Cecelia Richards stated that a dispute started just about a year ago, when Industry bus operators were given permission by City Hall to use the front section of the bus park to load. “We took the matter to court, a ruling came down from the judge on Monday for the park to return to normal. Normal is you come in from the back and you come up, as you go in front you load. But what they were doing is they were holding spaces for each other and cutting in line and not allowing the UG [University of Guyana] buses to load,” Richards explained…..

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