GRA issues bribery warning

The Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) today issued a notice to the public warning that three years imprisonment awaits all those colluding with or bribing its officers.

In a full-page advertisement in today’s edition of Stabroek News, the GRA set out its warning.

“Thinking of bribing or colluding with Guyana Revenue Authority’s officers ? Think again! In accordance with Sections 221/222 of the Customs Act Chapter 82:01, the Guyana Revenue Authority will institute legal proceedings against all parties and will seek the maximum penalty of three years imprisonment”.

The message added that if any member of the public had been asked for a bribe or know of someone who has colluded with officers “it is your responsibility to inform the GRA”.

It provided the following numbers: 227-6060/227-8222 exts 3201-3208.

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