Animal rescue is Ileana Bonnard’s passion

Ileana Bonnard

When Ileana Bonnard’s husband got a job with an international organisation she gave up her career and followed him. But what she thought at the time was a disappointment, awakened a dormant passion in her which she thrives on today; she cannot see a hungry animal on the streets without jumping out of her vehicle armed with food.

“This is the first thing you see in an animal rescuer’s car,” she said removing a tin of animal food from the front seat.

It has been nine years since she has been living out of her home country Ecuador and the same amount of years that she has not been a part of any formal work force. But in those years, she has given 16 cats and eight dogs a permanent home, fostered many more and later found them homes and importantly has also seen hundreds neutered and spayed…..

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