Young couple accusing NA hospital of negligence after baby’s death

The New Amsterdam Hospital

A young couple is accusing the New Amsterdam Public Hospital of negligence following the death of their newborn several hours after delivery at the institution.

Nandram Gopaul, 21, is calling for an investigation to be launched to ascertain exactly what led to his baby’s death. “Me na sure what to do right now,” Gopaul told Sunday Stabroek, as he stressed that he will be seeking advice to follow up the matter.

Gopaul, of Lot 150 Shieldstown Village, West Bank Berbice, explained that his wife, Sheliza Abrahim, 18, was rushed to the hospital on Friday after she began to experience intense pain. “When she getting the pain hot, hot, me tell she to tell the nurse and the nurse tell she, ‘No you ain’t get the right pain yet.’ And she (Abrahim) tell me how them get she about one hour delay,” he said…..

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