Councillors in familiarisation visit to city facilities

The City Council members at the South Road Day Care Centre yesterday. (Department of Public Information photo)

City councillors yesterday visited the various facilities that fall under the control of the municipality and concerns were raised about the storage of old vehicles at the Princes St stone depot and the maintenance of mechanical workshop.

According to acting Town Clerk Sharon Harry-Munroe, the purpose of the site visits was to give the newly-appointed councillors a firsthand view of the facilities managed by the council. “This is our first visit for the year as the entire council and we would usually have it once we have new councilors being installed within the council. You would have known that we have a newly-elected set of councillors. We have them visit… so that when we have statutory meetings and other meetings, they have a firsthand view of what we will be discussing,” Harry-Munroe added, while voicing her confidence that with the visits, councillors will be able to engage in the discussions and speak from a position of knowledge. “You could not be presiding over the affairs of the city and you do not know the facilities of the city, you do not know the functions of it and the other services we have to offer,” she noted…..

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