Lusignan prisoners in video brandishing homemade weapons

-trio to face internal charges

The improvised weapons and the cellular phone that were seized in the raid subsequent to the posting of the video.

Responding to a video posted on social media with two prisoners brandishing improvised weapons, Director of Prisons (Ag) Gladwin Samuels, has said that the weapons were confiscated and three prisoners will face internal charges.

Samuels in a statement to the media last night, said that the circulation of the video was brought to his attention on 6th of March and an investigation was launched immediately.

“Immediately an investigation was launched and it was revealed that the video was done in the holding bay situated at Lusignan, the prisoners are seen displaying weapons, a search was conducted and the items seen in the possession of the prisoners were retrieved,” Samuels explained.

The acting prisons director stated that when the weapons were analysed, “they were found to be improvised weapons made of the fence material and from a pot cover. One cellular phone that was used to record the video, was also retrieved,” Samuels said in his statement.

He added that the three prisoners were identified, two of whom are convicted and the third remanded, and are being processed for internal charges which will be adjudicated before the end of the week.

Apart from brandishing the improvised weapons, the prisoners were observed makings signs with their hands. Seconds into the video, death threats were uttered by the prisoners before the 46-second video ended abruptly.

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