NAREI staff get plant protection training from Caribbean agency

Juliet Goldsmith, a Plant Health Specialist with CAHFSA (third from left at the back) with the team from NAREI.

Staff of the National Agricultural Research and Extension Institute (NAREI) have benefitted from training in plant protection and risks management as the agency looks to boost its capacity with an eye on exports. 

“The three-day training is aimed at helping NAREI to create a well-organised and coordinated plant health system for the region which will aid in increasing regional and extra regional trade and preventing phytosanitary vulnerability due to the risk of introducing pests and diseases,” the agency said in a statement.

Juliet Goldsmith, a Plant Health Specialist with the Caribbean Agricultural Health and Food Safety Agency facilitated the training session which was described as very educational by those in attendance. Goldsmith told the gathering that Guyana, as a sovereign country, has a right to put measures in place to protect itself from health risks but said that those rights also come with certain obligations…..

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