Generous vet sees his hapless dog Rio in each of the animals he saves

Dr. Bassoodeo and his favourite dog Brutus.

When Nardeo Bassoodeo was a nine-year-old boy living in Woodley Park-Bath Village, Mahaica, Berbice, his dog Rio fell ill and needed veterinary assistance. The vet lived next door, but the little boy did not have the $5 to pay for an examination. He was told not to waste the doctor’s time and Rio subsequently died.

It was at that age as he grieved for his dog that he decided that he wanted to become a veterinarian. Not only he did not “want another little boy to experience what I went through” but he also knew that vets were in demand and he saw the suffering of animals every day and wanted to help.

Today that little boy’s passion still burns in Dr Nardeo Bassoodeo and he has been on a mission to assist animals, especially strays. His career has evolved over the years with him now owning one of the most modernized veterinary clinics. His Prashad Nagar, Georgetown clinic—NB Veterinary Services—is not only equipped with an x-ray room but he also has what is known as a digital mobile x-ray machine which produces almost immediate images which can be sent to consultants overseas instantaneously. There is also an operating theatre with a 2018 model operating table which is equipped with an electronic pad that controls the temperature of the table. The animals can be administered oxygen and saline. Blood work and dip slides to measure and observe microbial activity are also done on at the clinic as well as injections and a range of medication is available…..

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