Reliance police ranks accused of profiting off stray catching

—Canje cattle farmers call for investigation

The protesters at Reliance

A few upset East Canje cattle farmers yesterday protested outside of the Reliance Police Station, after police ranks on Saturday impounded their animals.

Indranauth Ramishwar, 55, of Lot 8883 New Area, Canefield Settlement, East Canje Berbice, explained that on Saturday, around 2 pm, his animals were grazing in some bushes in the village when they were impounded by police.

“Around 2 me say me a come home, so me start chase them out and them take the road, so me see the police jeep come. When me go see them say the cow deh from the road way, so me tell them, man me deh behind them cow, me get me water, me get breakfast, me get me flag,” the man recalled…..

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