Unions disappointed by UG Council’s handling of workers’ issues

The University of Guyana (UG)  unions have voiced their disappointment over the handling of workers’ issues during the most recent meeting of the UG Council, which took place last Thursday and said they are now forced to consider other options.

In a joint press statement, the University of Guyana Senior Staff Association (UGSSA) and the University of Guyana Workers’ Union (UGWU) said they are “extremely disappointed” that the University of Guyana Council did not make any decisions on matters relating to workers during the meeting. 

The unions had rejected unilaterally-imposed salary increases by the University’s Administration, which has maintained that the increases were all that it could afford, and they were told that it would be dealt with by the UG Council. They have also been calling for a forensic audit of the university so that they could verify the administration’s claims given that in recent years revenues have increased as well as the subvention from central government…..

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