Mall going up on Regent St, Glenn Lall slams phone on reporter

Construction work ongoing at the building site on Regent Street

City proprietors Glen and Bhena Lall have begun construction of a mall on Regent Street.

The proprietors are tightlipped on the building which is being constructed at 106 Regent Street next to Shamdas Kirpalani. Construction of the building started in February with massive piles being sunk.

Sources told Stabroek News that the duo submitted a plan to the city to construct a four-storey building and have received the necessary permission to move ahead with the construction.

No timeline has been set for the completion on the construction.

Yesterday when this newspaper reached out to the proprietors, Bhena Lall referred the reporter to Glen Lall, also the proprietor of Kaieteur News. However, when Glen Lall was contacted he questioned this newspaper’s interest in what he said was his personal affairs. During the phone call he hurled expletives at the reporter and Stabroek News’ Editor-in- Chief and terminated the phone call.


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