HERO offers free medical screenings at city health fair

-Sophia, Lusignan, Victoria, Yarrowkabra outreaches to be held this week

Attendees at the health fair hosted by HERO. (Terrence Thompson Photo)

A medical team from the Health and Education Relief Organisation (HERO), a US-based non-profit, hosted its first health fair in Georgetown yesterday and emphasised the importance of health education, screenings and preventative care.

The theme of the health fair, which was conducted at the junction of Avenue of the Republic and Robb Street, was ‘Prevention through Education.’ The fair attracted more than 150 people throughout the day.

HERO members ran free screenings for vision, high blood pressure, diabetes, cholesterol and cervical cancer, with additional onsite support from community providers and the Giving Hope Foundation. In addition, they also did free HIV testing and gave lectures on intimate partner violence, nutrition and child abuse. These were all done free of cost…..

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