Man sentenced over damaging property, threatening behaviour

—after telling court he could not pay fine

Naresh Rampersaud

A man who admitted to damaging articles belonging to his family, was sentenced to jail on Wednesday, after he told the court he had no money to pay a fine and no place to stay.

Naresh Rampersaud faced five charges when he appeared before the city court on Wednesday, one of which he denied.

Rampersaud denied the charge which alleged that on March 11, at Houston, Georgetown, he made use of threatening behaviour towards Nadine Rampersaud. He pleaded guilty to four other charges, however. Those charges alleged that on the aforementioned date and at the stated location, he made use of abusive language and threatening behaviour towards Kavita Rampersaud and he unlawfully and maliciously damaged a tablet, valued $15,000, and a window, valued $6,000; articles belonging to Kavita Rampersaud…..

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