Aurora Gold Mines says registered one million man hours without lost time injury

The mills operation team (AGM photo)

Aurora Gold Mines (AGM) Inc, a wholly owned subsidiary of Guyana Goldfield Inc, says it has achieved one million man-hours at its Cuyuni mining site without a Lost Time Injury (LTI).

“This significant milestone is the start of a journey after achieving +4 Million Man-hours without any LTI in 2017.  AGM Inc.’s immediate goal is to get back to over four million man-hours without LTI,” said Senior Vice President and Chief Operations Officer Suresh Kalathil in a statement yesterday.

The Canadian mining company says it employs 729 Guyanese at the Aurora mine site in Region 7.  AGM says more than 96% of the mine’s total workforce is Guyanese.

Reaching this milestone further demonstrates AGM Inc.’s commitment to eliminate unsafe conditions, behaviours and workers’ injuries throughout the company’s operations, said Kalathil.

Kamal Deodat, a welder from the Mill Maintenance Department said, “Safety is a job not just for people who have ‘safety’ in their title. It’s a job for everyone, everywhere, every day. It never stops.”

President and Chief Executive Officer Scott Caldwell said in the statement that Guyana Goldfields believes in a proactive approach to all aspects of health and safety driven through a programme of consistent employee engagement to ensure the best working conditions for all employees and contractors at its facilities.  He commended everyone involved on achieving “such a great feat.”

Rondie Phillips, Senior Safety Coordinator said that reaching the million man-hours LTI free, the project’s team has shown commitment to a safe culture by focusing on making safety a core value and not just a priority.

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