Founder of A. Ally and Sons passes away at 69

Ahmad Ally Munshi

Ahmad Ally Munshi, 69, founder of A. Ally and Sons this morning passed away at his residence in New Amsterdam.

A wake is to be held at the New Amsterdam Masjid and funeral arrangements are to be announced later.

Munshi popularly called ‘Uncle Ally’ and ‘Mr. Ally’ was known for his generosity.

A. Ally and Sons General Store, which was founded by Munshi, a father of four, now has several branches: four around the township of New Amsterdam, one at Corriverton, Upper Corentyne and one at the Giftland Mall in Georgetown.


His eldest son and Chief Executive Officer of the Ally’s franchise, Faizal Ally, today stated, that his father was a family man who pushed for persons to have great relationships with their loved ones. He said his father lived a full life. Describing him as a pioneer in his family, community and at his masjid, Ally said his father was a great businessman who made sure his customers were always taken care of.

Ali recalled that his father also worked to settle matters between persons as he did not like conflict.

He said his father, who was the last of his generation, would always ensure that he had all of his family around him. He noted that while alive, his father handed over the reins and responsibility of his business to his children.

 In 2013 at the opening of their auto depot in New Amsterdam, Munshi had spoken about him wanting to give “regular persons” the opportunity to own a personal vehicle which he said was being done through a credit system as they had recognized that persons may not have all the money to purchase a car or meet the requirements to obtain a bank loan.

He had said, “I grow up with them and I know the struggles they face to make ends meet. I don’t want to put additional pressure on them.”

He had also stressed that he came from humble beginnings which had taught him “not to be proud of anything”.

Stabroek News had also reported that Munshi had said that while his business was successful it does not “divert from where you are going. In another couple of years it would only be memories and there would be another generation taking over”.


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