Corentyne escapee recaptured

Dinesh Sookram

Dinesh Sookram, the Corentyne youth who escaped police custody at the Whim Police Station two Mondays ago, has since been recaptured by lawmen in Berbice.

Sookram, 18, a labourer of Friendship Village, Corentyne, was recaptured on Thursday. He is expected to be charged sometime this week for escaping lawful custody.

Two weeks ago, Sookram was charged at the Whim Magistrate’s Court for breaking and entering and larceny. He was placed on $200,000 bail by Magistrate Renita Singh.

However, after failing to make bail, Sookram, while waiting to be transferred to the New Amsterdam Prison, removed a board from a wall of the Whim Police Station lock-up and made good his escape. Subsequently, he had responded in the media, claiming that he did not escape but rather “walked away from the police.”


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