Caribbean Court of Justice unveils five-year strategic plan

Members of staff of the court (CCJ photo)

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) has unveiled its Strategic Plan for 2019-2024, under the theme ‘Unlocking Potential’, which outlines 14 goals and 41 accompanying strategies to improve the organisation.

According to a CCJ release, the plan is already guiding the court’s operations, with each unit having used it to develop this year’s work plans. It added that the process for implementing the plan will be iterative, with each unit assessing the results of their efforts on an ongoing basis, and then adjusting their work plans to ensure the results are aligned with their goals.

“Our intention is to take bolder strides and to be more innovative; to better empower decision makers; to communicate more effectively both internally and with all our stakeholders; to work more meaningfully with partners and justice sector bodies in the region; to strengthen our bonds with the Caribbean people and to advance the rule of law,” CCJ President and Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee,  Justice Adrian Saunders asserted…..

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