Essequibo policemen get training on best practices

Training underway (Police photo)

Eighty-two police ranks from ‘G’ Division on Saturday underwent training at the Anna Regina Police Station (Divisional Headquarters) from Special Superintendent Lawrence Kissoon and Assistant Superintendent Nolan Burnette of the Police Office of Profes-sional Responsibility.

A release from the police yesterday said that during the session, the ranks were enlightened on the do’s and don’ts when dealing with certain situations such as:

●  The care and custody of prisoners

●  The checking and writing up of station records

●  Courtesy and ethics

●  Roles and functions of supervisors

●  Preparation of case jackets

●  Packing and labelling of exhibits

●  Dealing with issues resulting from complaints

●  How to preserve evidence

Similar training was also conducted on the same date at ‘B’ Division Head-quarters (Central Police Station), by Special Superintendent Trevor Reid and Assistant Superintendent Terrence Browne where forty ranks benefitted from the training.

The release said that the training is as a result of a directive given by the Commissioner of Police as part of the reform process for a more professional and effective Guyana Police Force.

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