Corentyne man butchers wife after hitting her with car

A Corentyne taxi driver this morning used a car to hit his wife down and then proceeded to stab and chop her to death.

Omwattie Gill, also known as ‘Anjalie,’ 21, of Williamsburgh, Corentyne, was pronounced dead on arrival at the Port Mourant Public Hospital.

Her husband, Gavin Gill, is presently in police custody.

According to information gathered, the couple, who together have a seven-month-old daughter, separated some two weeks ago.

The man was this week issued a restraining order by Magistrate Alex Moore at the Whim Magistrate Court to stay 100 feet away from the woman.

They were expected to return to court on Monday.

Relatives said the young woman refused to return home with the man since he would often abuse her.


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