Forty cops trained on use of body cameras

-as part of modernising

As part of the reformation process for a more modernised and efficient Guyana Police Force, 40 ranks from within ‘D’ Division on March 27, 2019 were trained to use Portable Video Recording kits (Body Cameras), a statement from the Force said today.

Body cameras have been seen as important in ensuring accountability by police ranks during sensitive operations and also for evidential purposes.

The statement said that the purpose of the training was to allow ranks to be able to operate the equipment to capture digital audio and video evidence for criminal, civil and traffic related offences, which will also help ranks with recalling facts and other details captured by the equipment that would accurately recount the chain of events when writing reports.

“The ranks will be required to wear the Body Cameras during their shift at all times and should activate it when it is absolutely necessary in situations such as: Traffic stops, priority responses, vehicle pursuits, arrest situations, vehicle searches, physical confrontations and crimes in progress etc”, the statement added.

The training was conducted at the Leonora Police Station Recreational Hall by Constable 24148 Callace Isaacs and Constable 24606 Leon Joseph of the Information Technology Department (IT) of the Police Force.

The ranks in training (Guyana Police Force photo)



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