Bamia gifted nine water tanks

Residents and others with the water tanks

Residents of Bamia, Region 10, through the collaborative effort of the Regional Democratic Council (RDC), GWI and the private sector, received donations of nine water tanks, to combat the usual water shortages experienced during dry spells.

Two of the nine tanks were donated by the RDC, a release from Region 10 noted, reporting that Deputy Regional Executive Officer (DREO) Maylene Stephen said that the RDC recognised its responsibility to the people of Bamia and was, therefore, happy to lend assistance.

The donation, lobbied for by Region 10’s campaign team, was received by the Chairwoman of the Bamia Community Development Council (CDC), Orleta John, who, “expressed profound thanks and gratitude with what she dubbed as a new day in the community of Bamia,” the release from the region said…..

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