CAL signs up for ticket payment online with WiPay

WiPay COO, Sasha Thompson, speaking at the press conference held yesterday at the Ramada Princess Hotel

Trinidadian company WiPay, which was launched in Guyana last December, is now collaborating with Caribbean Airlines and Bill Express to make it easier for persons to purchase airline tickets online.

The company, which was launched in Trinidad in 2016 and then in Guyana in 2018, is a provider of payment solutions using technology. WiPay is a fully integrated payment processing platform gateway for E-Commerce, which facilitates online payments.

At a press conference yesterday, Chief Operating Officer (COO) of WiPay, Sasha Thompson, stated that the company had launched a credit card online payment process in December, which was a free plugin that could be used on websites to process credit card payments. ….

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