GuySuCo calls on authorities to clear squatters from Non-Pareil reserve

—to facilitate drainage system maintenance

The Guyana Sugar Corporation Inc. (GuySuCo) is calling on the relevant authorities to clear the Non-Pareil, East Coast Demerara reserve of squatters before the rainy season begins, in order to prevent severe flooding to surrounding villages and agricultural lands.

A release from the Corporation noted that squatters have situated their buildings and pickets/rails on the eastern embankment of the outfall channel, which is required for machine access and placement of sludge from the drainage canal; a situation that is especially evident between the East Coast public road and the Strathspey sea sluice.

Bearing in mind that the May-June rainy season is set to commence shortly, it was further pointed out that as a result of the aforementioned situation, GuySuCo will be unable to effectively operate their drainage pumps, prohibiting the de-silting of the outfall, which could result in severe flooding for prolonged periods to Non-Pareil, Strathspey, and neighbouring villages. “The drainage outfall which is located between Non Pariel and Strathspey villages and operated from three (3) pumps at Strathspey at the old railway to the sea sluice cannot be de-silted and maintained with the squatters currently on the eastern reserve…The Corporation is appealing to all relevant authorities to take the necessary actions to clear the reserve before the May-June rains begin, so as to prevent severe flooding of residential communities as well as lands being used for agricultural purposes, such as cash crops,” GuySuCo said.

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