Guyhoc Park squatters to form committee for relocation

A section of the housing compound at Guyhoc Park which was visited by Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood yesterday.

The approximately 70 persons living in a housing compound at Guyhoc Park might soon have access to better living conditions following a visit from Minister Valerie Adams-Yearwood.

Adams-Yearwood committed the Central Housing & Planning Authority (CH&PA) to working with the 15 families to either regularise the location or relocate them to homes on the East Coast of Demerara.

The families, some of whom have been at the location directly opposite the Guyana Water Incorporated’s sewage treatment plant for roughly two decades, said they were willing to accept anything government offers.

“We were living in Tiger Bay and the house was not in a good condition so they move us here and promise us land. They did give some of us land, they gave the elderly land but the others they left here,” one resident, who has been at the location for 21 years, explained…..

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