Dubai-based shipping and logistics firm opens Guyana branch to service oil and gas sector

Left: Managing Director of GAC Trinidad & Tobago Gobind Kukreja, Executive Chairman of GAC Bjorn Engblom, Chairman of the GNSC Lance Carberry, Managing Director of GNSC Andrew Astwood, and Consultant of GAC Richard Mallen, at the launch of GAC’s local office on Friday at the Marriott Hotel.

The GAC Logistics and Shipping (Guyana) Incorporated was officially launched on Friday.

The new company is the local branch of the Dubai-based GAC Group, which is a provider of shipping, logistics and marine services and has been around since the 1950s.

Its expansion to Guyana is due to the demand for shipping and logistics support subsequent to the discovery of large reserves of oil and gas. It has operations already established in the region in Trinidad and Tobago and will provide services through Guyana’s main port in Georgetown.

At the launch, which was held at the Guyana Marriott Hotel, Managing Director of the Guyana National Shipping Corporation Ltd (GNSC) Andrew Astwood noted that his company has been partnering with GAC for quite some time. “GAC is really not a new company to Guyana National Shipping. We have been doing work with them and we’re now trying to make them a stronger partner,” said Astwood.

The official said that the GNSC’s 40 years of experience and GAC’s 60 years of experience will make both companies stronger as they combine their resources. “The discoveries of oil and gas in Guyana obviously presents unprecedented opportunities for local and foreign businesses to establish partnerships like this and to develop our maritime sector in Guyana,” Astwood added as he welcomed the company to Guyana.

The company is expected to employ and recruit workers locally and is set to have the workers trained through courses provided by its corporate academy.

Captain Gobind Kukreja, Managing Director of GAC Trinidad & Tobago, will oversee operations in Guyana as both companies will be working together.

A statement from the company noted that at the helm in Georgetown is GAC veteran Richard Mallen, who has nearly four decades’ experience in shipping, logistics and supply chain sectors. Mallen has worked for GAC in seven countries in a variety of project management, procurement, start-up and liner agency roles.

“The start-up of GAC’s operations in Guyana is an important geographic step in expanding our regional footprint and the existing services offered in other GAC locations. Partnering with GNSC will benefit our local, regional and global clients in this new addition to GAC’s global reach,” Bob Bandos, GAC Group Vice President – Americas, was quoted as saying in the statement.

The statement noted that with operations established in nearby Trinidad and Tobago, GAC already has the experience and resources readily available to support the oil and gas service requirements in Guyana.

It added that the privately-owned group, established since 1956, employs over 9,000 people in more than 300 offices worldwide.

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