Former Mabaruma teacher masters art of dried watermelon

A Mabaruma farmer, in a bid to add value to his produce and minimise wastage in the process, has turned to dried fruit production, recently launching his highly demanded dried watermelon and pineapple products at this year’s UncappeD expo.

The business, Ebesowana Natural Foods—“Ebesowana” being an Arawak word meaning “to change and transform”— aptly reflects the vision of entrepreneur, Andrew Campbell, who aims to inspire change in the way Guyanese utilise food, an article from the Department of Public Information (DPI) noted.

“My main idea is to prevent wastage and to support farmers as much as possible because being a farmer, I know that there are many challenges. With dried fruit, we get better prices, and it helps to preserve our products,” Campbell explained to DPI…..