Bare Root man suffered multiple gunshot injuries – autopsy

Shooting in Vigilance station compound….

Teon Maxwell

—parents question police account

The parents of Teon Maxwell, the Bare Root man who was fatally shot by the police on Saturday, are calling for justice, since they believe his killing constitutes murder based on the autopsy results.

“They (the police) murder my big son and I just want to know why…he had no criminal record that he rob or he kill anybody or so that they could murder him. It’s something simple that they coulda work out,” his father, Mortimer Maxwell yesterday told Stabroek News.

“That is murder,” his mother, Shellon Moses December said. “If you wanted to calm him down, you coulda give he one bullet or two to save him…it was a domestic problem he had, they (the police) had no right to shoot him so much,” she stated…..

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