Neck wound that killed Essequibo labourer self-inflicted, autopsy finds

The police in ‘G’ Division have released the widow of Gowkarran Narine, the Essequibo labourer who succumbed last Friday after  an autopsy confirmed that his neck wound was self-inflicted.

This is according to Divisional Commander Khali Pareshram, who informed Stabroek News that an autopsy on Tuesday showed that Narine died as a result of a wound to his neck, caused by a piece of wood.

The autopsy was conducted by Government Pathologist Dr Nehaul Singh.

The widow, Shavon Joseph, was detained by the police following Narine’s death.

Narine, called “Paulie,” of Lot 41 Reliance, Essequibo Coast, was discovered dead last Friday afternoon at his home, hours after he sustained a wound to his neck.

At around 1 pm, Narine went to chop wood for his common-law wife, Joseph. The woman, who was cooking, told the police she heard a strange sound coming from the direction where Narine was working and upon turning to investigate, she saw him lying on the ground with a piece of wood stuck in his neck.

Joseph said she immediately removed the wood and wiped the blood with a sponge.

She then reportedly asked Narine if he wanted to go to the hospital, but he could not respond. As a result, she said she took Narine to his room and subsequently returned to cooking.

Later in the afternoon, Joseph decided to check on Narine but discovered him lying motionless in bed.

A report was subsequently made to the Anna Regina Police Station.

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