Corentyne woman pushed from roof of shed during robbery

A Bloomfield Village, Corentyne woman was pushed off of the roof of a shed during a robbery by four armed bandits in the wee hours yesterday.

Kumarie Bhagwandin, 63, of Second Street, Bloomfield Village, Corentyne, who sells phone cards among other things, is nursing injuries to her back, shoulders and other parts of her body.

The men, who were armed with guns and cutlasses, reportedly gained access to the woman’s house through a window in the lower flat by removing several wooden bars.

According to Bhagwandin, she was at home with her bedridden husband and their nine-year-old granddaughter when the bandits invaded her house. 

The woman explained that she was awakened by strange sounds and upon investigating she saw someone on her bridge, after which she heard a “breaking noise” emanating from the lower flat. 

Bhagwandin, who immediately became scared, decided to jump onto her shed in an effort to escape. However, the bandits after reaching the upper flat, went after her. She said two bandits chased after her and one pushed her off the shed. 

However, the men then grabbed her from where she fell and dragged her back into the kitchen, where they then began to threaten to shoot her as they demanded cash and jewellery. The bandits escaped with over $60,000 in cash, a pair of gold earrings and three rings, which Bhagwandin was wearing at the time of the robbery. 

The police have launch-ed an investigation but no arrest had been made up to yesterday afternoon. 

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