Petitioner loses bid for prime Regent St property due to lack of evidence

Edward Boyer

Chief Justice (ag) Roxane George-Wiltshire on Friday dismissed a petition filed by the Guyana Realty Investments Limited (GRIL) seeking a declaration of title for a property situated at the northwest junction of Regent and Alexander streets, in Georgetown, citing a lack of evidence.

In the case, Anthony Collymore and the Estate of Stanley Collymore and Claude Deygoo, also known as Edward Boyer, and Donna Deygoo, also known as Donna Boyer, both of National Hardware, were listed as the opposers.

“This is a case that has turned not on the weakness of the case for the Boyers as opposers, but on the weakness of the case for GRIL as petitioner,” Justice George said in her 17-page written judgement, which was seen by Sunday Stabroek yesterday…..

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