Housing minister says she had ‘no input’ in award of contracts to husband

-one was signed after marriage

Godfrey Yearwood

Minister with responsibility for housing Valerie Adams-Yearwood yesterday reiterated that she had no hand in the award of Central Housing and Planning Authority (CH&PA) contracts to her husband and that she only became aware of them when he informed her.

Adams-Yearwood yesterday released a statement through the Department of Public Information (DPI) “to provide clarity” and “to set the record straight” in light of recent concerns that a conflict of interest exists.

Explaining that her husband, Godfrey Yearwood, is a well-known contractor of over 33 years, the minister said that he was contracted by the CH&PA to construct a duplex unit, two single elevated units and two units for the differently-abled. The three contracts were all signed in 2017, with the final one signed in December, 2017.  The Minister and Yearwood were married in August of 2017…..

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