No application filed by JetBlue for operations in Guyana

-GCAA Director General

JetBlue -File

American airline service JetBlue, has not formally applied to the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) for operations in Guyana, Director General Egbert Fields said yesterday, amid reports of the airline’s intention to operate in Guyana.

Earlier in the year, Minister within the Ministry of Public Infrastructure, Annette Ferguson, was quoted in the media saying that JetBlue was in talks with the GCAA.

However, speaking to Stabroek News yesterday, Fields noted that the Authority does not have an application from the airline, though its intentions may have been indicated in other circles.

“I’ve heard about this through the media, the media alone. I have not been informed about this through any other means except for what I have been hearing,” Fields said.

When questioned about whether he is aware of the airline’s intention to come to Guyana, he said, “It was an intention but there was no formal application about the request. Someone can call you and say that they are thinking about doing x or y but when it comes to the formal application, there’s a process,” he emphasised.

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