Policy needed on ministers owning companies – TIGI Head

Troy Thomas

A policy insisting that ministers declare ownership of private companies here, and outlining how government would address such issues, needs to be created in the interest of transparency, head of the Transparency Institute Guyana Inc. (TIGI), Troy Thomas says.

“When you move into public life, especially with something like heading a ministry, I think it should come with some recognition of rules. You have to choose; if you are a private business owner, be a private business owner or stay in government. It cannot be both,” Thomas told Stabroek News.

“There needs to be a policy about what people should do. This is something that they need to address urgently going forward,” Thomas said, stating that such a document should clarify the expectations of ministers who also function as business proprietors. “Otherwise, you can’t get away from the appearance that something wrong is going on,” he added. ….

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