No bail for Baramita woman accused of stabbing cop with broken bottles

Bail was yesterday denied to a woman charged with stabbing a policewoman in her feet.

Acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus read the indictable charge to Natasha Henry, 23.

The charge stated that Henry, on April 11th, at Baramita, North West District, unlawfully and maliciously inflicted grievous bodily harm on Princess Bentick.

Henry was not required to plead to the charge.

Henry told the court that she is a mother of four, including a nine-day-old baby.

Police prosecutor Adduni Inniss told the court that Henry went to a bar where the complainant was also present. Henry allegedly asked the complainant a question in relation to a man but Bentick did not answer, thereby angering her. Henry then allegedly hit several bottles off a table along with a box of chicken, picked up a bottle and attack the complainant.

Inniss noted that Bentick was able to take the bottle away from the accused but the accused then retrieved two broken bottles and attacked her with them while her back was turned. As a result of the injuries to her feet, Bentick required 24 stitches.

The prosecutor also stated that the injuries sustained by the complainant are life threatening.

Inniss, in her objection to bail, also stated that the accused was being dishonest to the court as her youngest child was actually over one-year-old.

Henry was subsequently remanded to prison and the matter was transferred to the Matthews Ridge Magistrate’s Court for May 7th.