Whim Magistrate draws weapon after robbery accused lunges at her

While sitting on the bench, Magistrate Renita Singh yesterday drew her firearm after a Corentyne robbery accused, who she remanded to prison, sprang from the docks at the Whim Magistrate’s Court and attempted to get at her.

Deon Johnson, 45, of Number 78 Village, Corentyne and Arjune Indar, also known as “Braff”, 35, of Mibicuri, Black Bush Polder, yesterday appeared before Magistrate Singh, where they were jointly charged with four counts of robbery under arms committed on Silvie Hussain, 60, her husband, 70, along with her niece and nephew both of whom reside with her.

The men are accused of robbing the family of $1.4 million, US$650, two diamond rings, two cellphones and one motorcycle while being armed with guns and cutlasses, during the wee hours of Tuesday April 16.

Magistrate Singh refused bail and remanded the men to prison.

However, Stabroek News was told that one of the accused, Johnson, sprang from the docks and rushed towards Magistrate Singh after she had remanded the duo. This led to the magistrate drawing her licensed firearm, since according to persons in the court, there was only one rank, a Constable Beharry, who was present in the court during the case.

The source added that Constable Beharry immediately rushed towards the man and restrained him before he could have come into contact with the magistrate.  Johnson’s wife, who was present in court began to behave in a somewhat disorderly manner after her husband was being restrained by the constable. Persons said that Johnson seemed to have fainted after which his wife became upset and attempted to run towards him in the court room.

Meanwhile, the matter has been transferred to the Mibicuri Magistrate’s Court, where Johnson and Indar will return on May 7.

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