Bartica man shot dead, miner who witnessed killing abducted in Kuribrong attack

The vehicle in which Nicholas and Elon Thomas were travelling in the Ubano, Kuribrong, mining district.

A driver, who had seen persons stripping a vehicle and reported same, was yesterday afternoon fatally shot and a gold miner who witnessed the killing was abducted in the mining district of Hubana, Kuribrong, Region Eight, and remain-ed missing up to last night.

The dead man has been identified as Nicholas (only name given), also known as ‘Peron’ of Bar-tica, Region Seven, while the abducted miner was identified as Elon Thomas of Meten-Meer-Zorg, West Coast Demerara.

Contacted, police Commander Kevin Adonis, last evening told Stabroek News that he heard of an incident in the mining district but was unable to furnish this newspaper with any details. He explained that his officers had minutes ago left for the scene. The alleged shooting and abduction occurred sometime after 5.30 pm.

A source told this publication that the suspect involved in the stripping of the miner’s vehicle, confronted Nicholas and Thomas as they were transporting a mining dredge in the Hubana, Kuribrong area.

The suspect, identified as ‘Pak’, accompanied by approximately 15 others, were on a truck when they confronted and shot Nicholas along the trail.

According to the source, he was contacted by a relative who is in the area, which is located approximately 200 miles away from the closest police station and 50 miles away from the nearest health centre.

Up to last evening, the body of Nicholas was reported to still be in the vehicle at the crime scene. From all indications, he was shot to the head.

The source explained that it is believed the man was shot because he had witnessed and reported the suspect stripping another miner’s vehicle for parts and using it on his [the shooter’s] vehicle. The now deceased man allegedly made a report to the police and to the owner of the truck that was stripped.

Miners in the area are calling on the police to act immediately since they are  fearful for their lives.

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