Sixty Linden youths being trained in patient care

Sixty Linden youths are being trained in patient care, according to a release yesterday from Region 10.

Region Ten Chairman, Renis Morian said that he is very happy for the collaboration with the Ministry of Public Health and the Linden Hospital Complex.

“This certainly will go a long way as we would be able to have patient care in the various health centres and forms part of the Government attempts at improving health care in Guyana. We are working to improve our health centres and health clinics as we are working very aggressively in improving health care in the health centres and if you go around the region you recognise that there is a vast improvement of health care in Region Ten,” Morian said.

He added that a number of outlying areas in Upper Demerara-Upper Berbice will also be targeted, stressing that it’s not only Linden that will benefit. Some of the outlying communities he cited are Mabura and River View.

Morian, according to the release, said that job creation within Region Ten among young people is critically important.

“Therefore, this Patient Care training is critically important as when you think about the economic impact of 60 persons being employed it certainly will assist a number of families as they are currently receiving a stipend during the six months training and upon completion they would certainly receive a salary, which means that we have 60 less persons who are unemployed,” he said.

He added, “We remain thankful to the Ministry of Public Health because these 60 individuals are now learning a skill and hopefully have made a positive start to what can be a long-term career for them in the health sector.”

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