Trio charged with Bourda cheese vendor’s murder to lead defence

Chief Magistrate Ann McLennan yesterday overruled no-case submissions for three of the men charged with the murder of Bourda Market vendor Troy Ramalho and said there was sufficient evidence to call upon them to lead a defence in the matter.

The three accused are Roy Sanford of ‘A’ Field, Sophia, Akeem Morris of Sandy Babb Street, Kitty, and George Paton, of Eccles Park, East Bank Demerara. It is alleged that the trio, on August 15th, 2018, at Robb Street, Bourda, in the course or furtherance of a robbery, they murdered Ramalho.

During her ruling yesterday, the Chief Magistrate said that she took into consideration the evidence led by the prosecution witnesses and the no-case submissions made by attorney Dexter Todd, on behalf of Sanford, Siand Dhurjon, who represented Morris, and that made by Paton who was unrepresented by counsel…..

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