Ghanaian medical duo offers clearer vision to cataract patients at Berbice ophthalmology hospital

-complete 17 surgeries

The visiting doctor and nurse from Ghana (holding framed certificates) along with staff of the National Ophthalmology Hospital. Dr Devendra Radhay is at the centre of the group.

A visiting doctor and nurse from Ghana have been performing cataract surgeries at the National Ophthalmology Hospital (NOH) at Port Mourant, Corentyne.

The doctor in charge of the hospital, Dr Devendra Radhay, confirmed this to Stabroek News yesterday and disclosed that the team, which visited for three days, carried out a total of 17 surgeries.

According to Dr Radhay, another team from overseas is slated to visit early next month and is expected to perform several hundred cataract surgeries. It is anticipated that this will make an immense dent in the current backlog of close to 800 cases. However, it was noted that the list has not been updated in a while and persons who may have passed away or had their surgeries done remain on the list…..

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