Cevons, Puran Brothers consider legal action against city over garbage collection contracts

While the city has been unable to reach agreement with major firms Cevons Waste Management and Puran Brothers Waste Disposal on resumption of garbage collection in the city, they say they have attempted to renegotiate with the city and are once again considering legal action to have their contracts honoured.

“The legal advice we are receiving is to take it to court but we have been hoping for an amicable settlement. The last thing we heard is that we would come to a discussion by the end of this month but every month we have been hopeful and every month we are hearing another month, while the condition of Georgetown is deteriorating… Once this month ends, we will be forced to act but I’m still hoping, there is time left in the month,” Morse Archer, of Cevons, told Sunday Stabroek yesterday. 

Kaleshwar Puran added that his company sent the city a lawyer’s letter in January but held off on legal action after it asked for “one more month.” “That one more months keeps being extended and it is not good for business. We are willing to renegotiate if they want to change frequency of clearance to reduce the costs or something like that but we maintain we have a valid contract,” he added, while Archer also stressed that for him, the 2015 contract is alive…..

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