PPP condemns gov’t motion for Abdul Kadir

Abdul Kadir

The opposition People’s Progressive Party (PPP) has condemned the motion passed in the National Assembly by the coalition government to offer sympathy to the widow, children and relatives of former parliamentarian Abdul Kadir, who died in a United States prison after being convicted of terrorism-related offences.

“The use of a Parliamentary Resolution is now an indelible stain on our people and national character that will not easily be forgiven or forgotten by those who have suffered at the hands of international terrorism,” the PPP said in a statement yesterday, while calling the motion an act of betrayal.

During Friday’s sitting of the Assembly, Minister within the Ministry of Agriculture Valarie Adams-Yearwood told the House that Kadir was “a great man, a stalwart, a bold and courageous man” and urged that the National Assembly records its deep regret at his death and pay tribute to his dedicated service to the Parliament of Guyana…..

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