Gaico donates five guitars for indigenous communities

Minister George Norton (right) accepts five brand new guitars from Chandini and Khishan Singh, representatives of Gaico Construction and General Services Incorporated. (Ministry of Social Cohesion photo)

A donation of five guitars to the Minister of Social Cohesion by Gaico Construction and General Services Incorporated, inspired by a similar donation made by the minister himself, will go toward preserving music and storytelling culture in indigenous communities.

The donation, handed over by Chandini and Khishan Singh, children of the company’s proprietor, Komal Singh, was accepted by Minister George Norton during a handing over ceremony at his Main Street office on Friday.

According to the Singhs, having recognized the differences in opportunities that exist between the coast and the interior regions, they are hoping that their donation, like the minister’s, will benefit a far-flung community…..

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