Licensed firearm holder admits discharging rounds at Lusignan golf club

—claimed to have shot at snake

An individual has come forward and admitted to firing shots during a private event at the Lusignan Golf Club on Easter Sunday, police commander of ‘C’ Division Calvin Brutus told this newspaper yesterday.

The police, Brutus said, launched a probe after learning of the shooting on social media. The commander told this newspaper that after a probe was launched, an individual came forward and admitted to the shooting on Saturday. During his statement to the investigators, he said he discharged several rounds at a snake.

While not providing any names, Brutus said it was not the individual who had originally been implicated who has come forward. “That person does not have a firearm licence but he was present. The person who came forward was a licenced firearm holder,” the commander stated.

Brutus told Stabroek News that investigations are still ongoing and when they are finished, a file will be compiled and legal advice will be sought…..

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