Amended National Accreditation Council Bill tabled

—states tertiary institutions to be certified under council

Minister of Education Nicolette Henry on Friday presented for its first reading, the National Accreditation Council (Amendment) Bill of 2019, which makes it illegal for an institution not registered with the council to offer tertiary education in Guyana. 

The bill, which amends the 2004 Act, intends to improve the effective administration and enforcement of the Act through the amendment of definitions of terms such as “qualifications”, “recognize” and “register.”

It also seeks to insert a new Part IIIA, which provides for various matters related to institutions and providers.   According to the explanatory memorandum, “It seeks to provide for the registration of institutions and providers and makes it an offence for an institution to provide post-secondary or tertiary education without holding a valid certificate of registration issued by the council.”….

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